How Scoring Works in Battleborn’s Story Mode


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When you complete a story mission in Battleborn, you’ll see a score value and accompanying symbol in the post-match statistics screen. We call that symbol a “Star Rating.” The Star Rating you earn is based on – you guessed it— score! Essentially, the higher the score, the better the Star Rating. How do you maximize your score, you ask? We’ll get there, but first, let’s take a look at the basics:

Star Ratings

At the end of a story mission, you’ll be awarded with one of three Star Ratings. Score thresholds for Star Ratings are set by difficulty level and map and are based on score expectations of a five-player team:

  • Bronze: Bronze Stars are awarded for completing a mission – the first, and arguably, most important step to earning a Star Rating!
  • Silver: A Silver Star rating means you’ve not only completed a mission, but earned a pretty significant amount of score along the way! If you’ve earned a Silver Star with a five-player team, there’s some room for improvement (keep reading!). If you earned a Silver Star on a solo mission, feel proud, you knocked it out of the park!
  • Gold: A Gold Star rating means that your team achieved an excellent score on the mission! This means your team likely entered the mission with the goal of prioritizing a high score, and was successful. Gold Stars are relatively difficult to achieve for a solo players, but not impossible.
    • Tip: Each mission difficulty (Normal, Normal-Hardcore, Advanced, & Advanced-Hardcore) has its own Star Rating! You can check out a full list of your Star Ratings in the Command Menu under Career > Skills.


How to Earn Score

Now that we know score determines Star Ratings, how exactly do we earn score? There are three activities in each mission that provide score: killing enemies, collecting score pickups, and completing the mission. It’s that easy! Of course, there are some tips and tricks to use to help maximize your score.



Killing Enemies

Every enemy your team kills earns you score—the tougher the enemy, the greater the reward. The best way to maximize your score is by killing enemies and earning a Quick Kill Bonus. Quick Kill Bonuses occur when you when an enemy dies before it reaches its Quick Kill Time Limit. The Quick Kill timer begins as soon as an enemy takes damage from any source, and stronger enemies have longer Quick Kill Time Limits.

  • Tip: Limit the number of enemies you engage at any given time. This will allow your team to focus fire and maximize the number of Quick Kill Bonuses earned.
  • Tip: Party up! Bigger teams spawn more enemies. More enemies mean a higher score potential. Coordinate with your team to hit crit spots and burn down tough enemies as fast as possible.
  • Tip: Buildables aren’t always your friend! When embarking on a score run, offensive buildables like traps, drones, and turrets have a tendency to select their own targets and trigger Quick Kill timers before you’re ready to engage.


Golden Score Pickups

The other key way to increase your score is by collecting Golden Score Pickups. Golden Score Pickups are small, yellow orbs that can be found in six-slot loot chests or by defeating bosses that provide Bonus Score. These pickups will typically spawn in groups and are only collectible for a few seconds, so act fast!

  • Tip: The more extra lives your team has, the more Golden Score Pickups will spawn in each group. Keep your extra lives count high by reviving downed teammates! In Hardcore Mode, the maximum number of Golden Score Pickups will always spawn.
  • Tip: Some bosses spawn Golden Score Pickups mid-fight. Learn which bosses drop orbs and when to make sure you’re not missing out on any drops!

One other thing to keep in mind is that we have been keeping a close eye on score totals since launch, and will continue to do so. Right now, we’re noticing that some Star Rating thresholds are too low, and some are too high. We’ll continue to pore over the data and crunch the numbers over the next few weeks and adjust the Star Rating thresholds accordingly so that they’re in a better place. Who knows, we may even add in higher goals for your team to achieve!

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