Meet Reyna, the Only Support You Need


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“Team cheer on three! One-two- "MAKE 'EM BLEED INTERNALLY!" - Reyna

Reyna is a born leader, a nomad and a certified badass. She uses her modified command gauntlet to direct even the most rag tag force into a nearly unstoppable team, shielding them from harm and focusing fire on troublesome enemies.

Here’s why you’ll want her on your team:



  • Pistol: Reyna’s handgun is nice to have for when you need to be a short-range pistoleer. It’s certainly more effective that shouting, “pew pew pew!” at the enemies. Also, remember to hold your gun sideways for effect. It’s a thing.
  • Command Glove: Reyna’s Command Glove isn’t some high-tech fashion statement – it’s essential to how she’ll support the team by overpowering shields, targeting enemies and keeping foes at a distance.


  • Shield Booster: Applies an overshield to a targeted ally that will soak up damage for the next eight seconds – so make it count! If a character getting boosted already has a shield, it gets recharged. If a targeted ally doesn’t normally have a shield, he’s temporarily got one. As a failsafe, when Reyna places a Shield Booster on an ally, she receives one as well. So, basically, with Reyna on your side, you’re covered. Literally and figuratively.
  • Priority Target: Reyna’s Glove can fire a homing blast that deals damage, reveals the target’s position and tags the enemy to take extra damage for a few seconds.
  • Photonic Ward: When in doubt – or you need a break – drop a dome on the situation. The Photonic Ward instantly kicks enemies out of the area and continues to shield the zone from enemy fire (or enemies getting in) for a few seconds.


While the rest of the Battleborn are refugees from snuffed-out galaxies, Reyna Valeria (known among the rogues as "the Valkyrie") is native-born to the Solus system. She has tirelessly fought for the survival and freedom of her people. Beyond that, Reyna is also a mentor to the rogues – especially Orendi. Reyna feels personally responsible for Orendi after saving her from the LLC.

If anyone is going to keep your team alive, it’s Reyna. And if there’s anyone Reyna’s going to trash talk, it’s Phoebe. After all, who in the hell wears a ritzy ball gown on the battlefield?

“I love having Reyna on my team. One of my favorite strategies is having Reyna hang back while someone else goes out and lures enemies back to a choke point. Then Reyna shield-boosts our ally, then tags the enemy with Priority Target, which lets us make quick work of our unsuspecting victim!” – Steve Gibson, VP of marketing for Gearbox

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