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One of the big new features coming in Thursday’s update is the addition of Broadcaster Tools to Battleborn. We hope all of the great content creators out there will be able to make even better videos and streams thanks to this new toolset.

Neil Johnson, Technical Director on Battleborn, had a big hand in creating these tools and has this message for the community:

“We've added a new feature to Versus Private: 'Broadcaster Mode'. Versus Private Matches now allow up to two added players to join a new third team, labeled "Spectator". During the match, these players can spectate the battlefield using a set of third-person camera controls to follow players on either team or to move freely around the battlefield. On the PC, keyboard hotkeys allow for quick-jumping to players and to fixed points of interest. Of course, PS4 and Xbox also support Broadcaster Mode, and we think you'll find the camera controls just as easy to use on those platforms.

We're calling this "Broadcaster Mode" because we hope that folks will use it to create interesting new battlefield perspectives that can be shared with others over streaming services. We’re excited to see what you create! We will be making continual improvements and additions to Broadcaster Mode in the coming months. Stay tuned!”

We showed off the new broadcaster tools last week during our livestream highlighting the new PvP maps, check it out in-action here!


Sean Ahern, our Marketing Artist and operator of the broadcaster tools during the above stream, shares a bit of insight into what you can do with these tools:

“We’re stoked to bring you an awesome new feature - our Broadcaster Tools. As you may have seen from our live stream on last week, we gave a first look at not only the new maps, but the tools to spectate private matches as well. As someone who has had a lot of experience using the new tools, they really allow you to experience the excitement of Battleborn PvP matches in a new and unique way. Here are a few features that we have available with the Broadcaster Tools:

  • Quickly jump between a number of pre-set locations throughout the map.
  • Cycle between players in a follow-cam, allowing you to see the action while following any of the players in the match.
  • See how players have chosen to play throughout the match as it progresses, looking at helix choices, cooldowns, and even the gear that they’ve chosen and purchased.
  • Pull up a much larger version of the map to get a full overview of all of the action taking place.
  • Break away and control the camera yourself – embrace your inner director!

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about these new tools, and we can’t wait to get them into your hands and see what you can do with them!”


Again, you can get your hands on this new feature and other great content this Thursday, July 21st in Battleborn’s latest update! See all the details for the upcoming update in this post.

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