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The wait for the Winter Update is agonizing! Don’t worry, we’re here to help make it a little easier with a deeper look into some of the upcoming features. With this update, it was very important for us to make sure players of all levels would have something to look forward to. We’ve already talked about new training modes and unlocking the core 25 characters, which can help new players get started. But what about the veteran Battleborn players? Well, let’s jump right in: 



New challenges await with the quest system in Battleborn! There are two types of quests, Main Quests and Daily Quests, each with a variety of rewards.

Main Quests lead players to complete objectives throughout the many modes and missions within Battleborn. These quests are specifically created as a guiding tool to help players learn the Battleborn PVP modes and benefits from doing it right. Accomplish the feat, help your team succeed, earn rewards from completing the quests – seems simple enough, right? It helps newer players learn the intricacies of the game while contributing to the squad.

We want you to play Battleborn every day – or as often as possible. That’s why we created Daily Quests, providing you with rewards and incentives every day you show up. Players gain a new daily quest, and each daily quest rewards the player after completing an objective. If you can’t make it on every day, up to three Daily Quests will be stored for you to complete when time permits. Some daily quests are built to work together so players who are limited on time but still want to play a couple games can knock out multiple daily quests. The idea here: Motivate folks to come back and jump into matches with other players.




All Story Mode missions (excluding Story Operations) will now have a new high score to achieve: Diamond Rank. Diamond Rank is the very highest, top score to reward to exceptional gameplay.  Players will be able to earn Diamond Rank on all eight missions, and on all four difficulty levels: Normal, Normal-Hardcore, Advanced, and Advanced-Hardcore. Earn a Diamond score, score a Legendary Loot Pack. That’s right, every time with 32 different Legendary Loot Packs to collect!  



Climb the ranks in Battleborn with higher level caps for Command Rank and Character Rank! Command Rank now caps out at 150.  Players will earn at least a Core Loot Pack for every rank between 101 and 150, as well as a Legendary Pack and title for every 10 ranks. Character Rank is increased to rank 20, with a Faction Pack awarded for ranks 16 through 20, and new titles at ranks 17 and 20.

  • Command Rank increased from 100 to 150
  • Character Rank increased from 15 to 20

Reward Changes

The rewards for PVP and Story Mode have been updated as well. Players will earn Credits at a faster rate in all Competitive Multiplayer modes, making it easier to get Loot Packs from the in-game Marketplace. Story Mode will still drop plenty of loot and all Loot Pack variations, but only one type of Loot Pack will be available in the Marketplace: The Core Pack. The Core Pack has better odds for higher rarity gear and has a chance to drop any skin or taunt previously available in Faction packs.

Check out this Gearbox Software livestream clip for a real deep dive into the details:



Join us this winter for an incredible update coming to Battleborn! Stay tuned for the Battleborn Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram channels for the latest news. 

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