Changes Coming to Battleborn: Character Select, Unlocks, and Draft Mode


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With the Battleborn Winter Update closing in, we’re taking a deeper look at the various features players can expect on release. Today’s lesson: changes to character unlocks, the selection process, and the addition of Draft Mode! Check out this post for more information on the Winter Update.



Battleborn is all about character combat, and with a large roster of playable heroes, we wanted to make it easier for players to dive in and master characters at their own pace.

With this update, all 25 core Battleborn characters will be unlocked after completing the Prologue. Yes, that means no more waiting to play your favorite gun-slinging, rocket-launching, magic-wielding, face-crushing, sword-suspending, battlemech-driving (we could go on, but you get the point) badass from this motley crew.

Already completed the character unlock challenges, have you? Great job! The character unlock challenges now award sleek new champion skins upon completion. AND if you’ve already completed an unlock challenge or two, hop into a match or mission where a challenge could have been completed to get the corresponding skin (ex. play as a Peacekeeper, play The Algorithm).

So, you used a DLC Hero Key to unlock one the core 25 characters? Not to worry, you’ll get that Hero Key back! Any Hero Key used to unlock a core character will be automatically returned. It can then be reused to unlock one of the four available DLC characters – Alani, Pendles, Ernest, and Kid Ultra – or you can hold it close until the release of the 30th Battleborn hero, Beatrix.




The character select process has been completely revamped to provide a simpler and more accessible way into Battleborn. In line with many of this update’s new features, the change to the character select process is meant to help educate players on PVP combat. What changes will player see? 

  • Characters are now grouped by role: Attackers, Defenders, and Support
  • Tabs allow for easier selection of gear loadouts, skins, and taunts
  • Ability to back out of the Character Pick phase and choose a different hero
  • Ability to see enemy team character selections 

Character combat is a key component of Battleborn, but sometimes certain combinations are better than others. We wanted to provide all the information a team needs to be successful and allow players to change their character or loadout selection if necessary. By displaying all character selections from both teams, and allowing players to back out of their choice, each team will have the opportunity to counter opponents, ideally reducing some of the extreme cases of overpowering character combinations.




This is one of the most exciting new additions! After months of development, tweaks, and testing, we’re elated to finally present you with Battleborn draft modes. Players and teams can now take turns picking and banning characters to create an excellent competitive roster based on what the other team is choosing.

Ban/Pick Draft: Ban/pick Draft mode will be available in both public and private matches, allowing each team to take turns voting for their banned characters and creating their roster. Each team will vote on the characters to ban, and the characters with the highest amount of votes are removed from the match.

Captain’s Draft: Private matches have an additional draft mode called Captain’s Draft. This draft mode is especially for the dedicated competitive community who seeks that coordinated 5v5 tournament type play. Competitive teams often rely on outside tools to help set up tournaments. We wanted to help them out by creating a versatile selection method that matches their style of play. In these private matches, each team has a captain, so choose wisely! Not only will the captain be directing the team in battle, they also have final say over which characters their team will ban.



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