Top Tips for the Battleborn Open Beta


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Attention, Badasses!

Are you ready for the Battleborn Open Beta? As you’re pre-loading, we gathered up some key advice from the team that’s been playing the game day-in, day-out for months.



When you jump into the Battleborn Open Beta, you’ll have seven characters immediately ready to fight: Marquis, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Rath, Thorn as Attackers, Miko as a Support, and Montana as a Defender.

As you level up your Command Rank, you’ll unlock more playable heroes. Each character can be unlocked either by reaching the required Command Rank or completing objectives, such as win 5 matches as an Eldrid character. Check out the Command screen to scroll through each character and view their requirements. That brings us to the tips…



#1: Research the characters you want to play. Browse through all of the characters, their helix tree, abilities, and more through the in-game Command screen or on the Battleborn website. A basic understanding of a character’s helix choices and abilities will let you know what to expect in-game and help you make faster decisions during a match or mission.


#2: Work towards the objectives. Every Story Mode episode and Competitive Multiplayer Mode has a distinct objective to meet and not doing so may cause you to fail the episode or match. In Story Mode, be sure to follow the yellow diamond which points towards the next objective. In Competitive Multiplayer, the loading screens and animated tutorial at the beginning of a match display the objectives. Getting kills is great, but it’s working towards the objective that turns the tide of a match.


#3: Build buildables. All over both Story Mode and Competitive Multiplayer Mode maps are objects you can build. Don’t hoard Shards - use them to your advantage! Collect Shards around each map and spend wisely to build and upgrade buildables (which also grants you experience)! There are several types of buildables, including turrets, healing stations, accelerators, drones, and super minions. In particular, offensive buildables can help you control an area or stop the enemy’s advancement.


#4: Communication is key. Nobody likes getting the silent treatment – and communication is vital during a firefight. Fortunately, Battleborn connects you with teammates in several ways: microphone, text chat, and in-game commands. Ping your fellow teammates when you’re in trouble or to alert them to incoming hostiles!

Configure your settings by going to “Options,” then “Keyboard & Mouse” or “Controller” to view and customize the controls for push-to-talk, text chat, ping to alert players, and so on.

Just don’t forget to use them!


#5: Keep an eye on the minimap. The minimap is incredibly helpful when trying to maintain situational awareness. In Story Mode, the minimap identifies objective locations, giant Shard clusters, and lets you see swarms of enemies moving in before it’s too late. In Competitive Multiplayer Modes, it not only identifies nearby enemies, it also highlights key features, such as sentries, minion chompers, Thrall camps, and super minions.

Expand the minimap by holding “3” on PC or pressing “Down” on the directional pad for PS4 and Xbox One controllers. 


Share your own Battleborn advice (and meet some really cool folks) in the /r/Battleborn subreddit

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