Meet Mellka, the Fist of Fury


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“Expecting some kind of space elf? Maybe an observer in the ceremonial duds? Well, gosh, I would’ve worn mine, but I lost them when the Jennerit swallowed my home star.” - Mellka

Mellka has some anger issues to work out. Fortunately, between her TX-12 Venom Launcher (which can rapid-fire loads of specialized nano-chemical mixes at foes) and an exotic Eldrid Bio-Glaive (a specialized near-living glove which can reshape itself based on subtle neural prompting) she’s always prepared to kick serious ass on the next away mission.




  • TX-12 Venom Launcher: It’s slow-loading and doesn’t pack a punch up-front, but it lets you tag your enemies and do damage over time.
  • Eldred Bio-Glaive: Pull off sick combo attacks with Mellka’s monstrous melee weapon. As a bonus, make sure to pop off a couple Venom canisters at the enemy and the Bio-Glaive inflicts additional damage.


  • Power Fist: Let Mellka lead the charge with this quick sprint attack. This attack lets you lock onto an enemy, and close ground for a high-powered punch.
  • Spike: Mellka charges up a Venom burst and spikes it into the ground. The resulting blast damages nearby enemies and shoots her up into the air.
  • Bladed Fury: The blades on the Bio-Glaive get laced with Venom as she lays into enemies with a barrage of slashes.


The Eldrid tend to be scientific-minded and peaceful folks, in tune with the natural order of things.

Mellka apparently missed the memo at the last Eldrid meeting.

Born in space, Mellka developed an early hunger for solid ground, and found a clear calling in special operations, even joining with the Eldrid group called The Vigilant. While serving with The Vigilant, she developed close ties with an elite Peacekeeper operative named Trevor Ghalt. While proficient at several combat styles, Mellka prefers some of the more exotic Eldrid weaponry including an Eldrid Bio-Glaive which reshapes itself based on her neural prompting.

"I like playing Mellka with serious stealth. She can really get a jump on an enemy if you spec her helix for it: Sneak up on an opponent, drop a spike for some initial damage that also pops her into the air and triggers invisibility -- then light them up with Venom." – Steve Gibson, VP of marketing for Gearbox

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