Meet Benedict, the Rocket-Propelled-Badass


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“…Some people might call that noble. Some people call that heroic. But you can call me Benedict. [chuckle] Seriously, though. I’m a big deal." - Benedict

It’s a toss-up about what’s more offensive: Benedict’s rocket arsenal and combat prowess…or his ego. The high-flying Hawk-man sure thinks highly of himself – and before you get a chance to question it, he will drop a payload of rockets on your head.  



  • TalonJet: It’s a rocket launcher. That you fire. Do we really need to break this down for you?
  • Wings: Look up! Benedict can go vertical for a birds-eye view of the battlefield or glide in to cover distance in a hurry.


  • Hawkeye: Do some extra damage with your rockets – then lock in on your enemy. For the next three seconds, subsequent rockets home in on your target….so unload as many shots as you can!
  • Liftoff: With a strong flap, Benedict can propel himself way above the battle. On one hand, it’s a great strategic advantage. On the other, it’s a great escape plan when Benedict is getting swarmed. Fight or…well…flight.
  • Boomsday: Benedict is about to set you up the bomb. A massive player-guided missile that can deliver its heavy-damage payload across the map. Just make sure to hit your target before the missile runs out of fuel.


Bennedict is a decorated war hero.

He fought bravely to defend his homeworld, Madan, when the Varelsi arrived. As a result of the battle, we was gravely wounded: His left wing was utterly shattered, rendering him incapable of unassisted flight.

Benedict and what remained of his people – called, “Aviants” by those in the Solus system – evacuated as their home star was plunged into darkness.

Since then, Benedict’s been outfitted with an Aviary Exosuit that grants him limited flight capabilities. And he’ll be the first to remind you of how awesome he is in battle. So, yeah, while he is an accomplished solider, he doesn’t have many friends. Or any.

“Benedict's liftoff skill is great for jumping up into the air to get an overhead view of what’s happening throughout the map... and then launch rockets down from above. He's REALLY handy for scouting ahead and communicating back to the rest of the team.” – Steve Gibson, VP of marketing for Gearbox

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