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The DLC keeps coming for Battleborn players. Starting this week, you can get your hands on the ass-kicking Aviant, Ernest – the 28th Battleborn playable hero! For all you Season Pass holders and Digital Deluxe owners out there, Ernest is ready to kick some tailfeathers right now. Everyone else: Stay frosty for September 1 when you can unlock this PO-ed poultry for 47,500 in-game credits.

Keep reading to learn more about Ernest – and get a glimpse of the upcoming 29th Battleborn playable hero, Kid Ultra.



Ernest is explosive on the battlefield, but he isn’t in this fight for glory or vengeance. Some might call him a well-aged boy scout, but Ernest’s sense of honor and duty brings a new means of support and defense previously absent from the Peacekeepers – this is no small part thanks to his grenade launcher. The various explosive ordinance rounds help Ernest lean on the offensive or provide a mean line of defense for his team. As one of Menneck B’s premiere demolitions experts, he’s a brilliant tactician, known for his “outside the box” perspective on decimating his foes.



Steadfast, courageous, and prepared for just about any threat, Ernest Igrin is a paragon of the Peacekeeper ethic: strength through unity, and through strength, liberation for all!

Born to a family of soldiers, Ernest always believed it was his destiny to die in the service of his people, on the field of battle. But his path veered a bit when, at a young age, Ernest demonstrated a keen understanding of rescue operation logistics, cleaning up after disasters and coordinating demolition projects to free survivors of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

As the Varelsi scourge reared its miserable head in Ernest’s native Menneck system, though, the demobird felt powerless to do anything about it, cleaning up the aftermath. That’s when Ernest signed up for general combat duty in the UPR. Ernest’s considerable talents with explosive ordinance translated fluidly to combat, and he accomplished much in his three years alongside the Rapid Deployment Corps.

When the war finally arrived on Menneck’s doorstep, Ernest begged for reassignment to his home system. The aviant that returned was different than the one who left. His optimism, tempered and hardened. His spirit and devotion to his people, however, remained intact. In the battle to save Menneck, Ernest served on the front lines of the evacuation. Following his homeworld’s darkening, Ernest returned to the United Peacekeeping Republics as an instructor, readying new recruits for the conflicts ahead.



UPR-G73 GRENADE LAUNCHER: Load up the Ernest’s trademark UPR Grenade Launcher. With six explosive rounds in the chambers, Ernest can deal area damage on impact or trigger after a short delay.

POWER EGG: Lay down a Power Egg that provides bonuses for your team. Allies in range can get attack speed boosted by 25% in Attack mode or reduce damage by 15% in Defense Mode.  

EXPLOSIVE CHARGES: Blow up everything! Heave this sticky charge then go and lie in wait for the right moment to detonate and deal damage to foes. Or just stick them on your enemies – whatever works for you!

DETONATOR: Pull the plunger and detonate deployed explosive charges – or switch between Power Egg modes.

(Ultimate) MINE GRID: Cover your tracks and deploy a grid of mines. Each one will explode on contact with an enemy.

(Passive) DIRECT HIT: Ernest is deadly accurate with his Grenade Launcher – so if you land a perfect shot with an explosive canister, the direct hit deals an extra 15% damage to your foe.



Evildoers beware! Kid Ultra is on patrol and ready to defend the universe from pesky, star-sucking, interdimensional jackholes. Hardwired to lend a helping hand, Kid Ultra is the pinnacle of support technology, buffing and healing teammates while subduing enemies. Let’s just hope this LLC technology is a bit more stable than some other nihilistic robots we know. 

Kid Ultra will be coming in the next couple months as the 29th Battleborn and will be free for everyone with 47,500 credits earned in-game. He can also be unlocked instantly using a (1) hero key, which is included in the Season Pass, saving you the time it takes to earn the credits to otherwise unlock him. Stay tuned as we’ll have more info on Kid Ultra, including his abilities and release date, as we get closer to his release.

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