Battleborn Tap – Learn All About Prestige


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What is “Prestige” in Battleborn Tap? Upon reaching Stage 30, the “Prestige” option becomes available under the home menu. Activating “Prestige” is a great way to earn XP, earn Artifacts, and of course, unlock new Battleborn in the game. XP increases your overall rank, Artifacts are items that grant players permanent boosts in things such as Global Health, Revive Time and Global Damage, and unlocking more Battleborn characters will help you decimate those waves of enemies.

Check out the video below to learn all about “Prestige:”



What happens when you “Prestige”? After you select the “Prestige,” option, you’ll start at the beginning of the game once again with your stats having been reset. Now don’t panic, THIS IS NORMAL.

Your Artifacts and any Gear you have acquired through loot packs are still with you. However, you’re now able to switch up your Battleborn with your new unlocked characters. Your Battleborn characters are also stronger due to the Artifacts and Gear you attained. As you “Prestige” more than once, you’ll find that the more you “Prestige,” the stronger your team becomes, making it easier for you to advance further into the game each time around. 

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