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Part of our promise to all you Battleborn fans: we’ll keep delivering awesome, free content after launch. Well, today marks the beginning of early access to the first of five free new heroes coming to Battleborn – Alani, the water-bending warrior monk – and the start of a week-long celebration leading up to her official release next week on May 31! That’s right, Alani is available to play early on all platforms starting today for Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders, and folks that played in the PlayStation 4 Open Beta. All you need to do is log-in to the game and unlock her using that shiny new hero key of yours. What’s a hero key and how do they work, you ask? Read all about it here.

But we’re not stopping there; Alani Celebration Week is just getting started with a limited time $20-off Battleborn sale in the 2K Store for this week only (Find out more in this blog post)! Now’s the time to tell your friends to jump into Battleborn – before the Varelsi send this deal into the void with the rest of the universe.

Keep reading to learn all about Battleborn’s newest healer – and get a quick tease of the 27th Battleborn hero we’re working on right now: Pendles. And remember, today’s the last day to earn DOUBLE XP for both your Command and Character Rank!



Alani is the last vestige of an Eldrid monastic warrior enclave on the freshwater ocean planet, Akopos. Raised with a deep reverence for water, Alani learned to embody and manipulate low-viscosity fluids with the use – er – rather, the warranty-breaking misuse of a water-soluble nanotech. This technology and her training allows her to manipulate water all around and even within her own body, healing injury and ailments.



The order’s peaceful existence was abruptly interrupted as Rendain attempted to claim what he believed to be an uninhabited planet for the Jennerit Imperium. Alani’s people struck back quickly but were cut down as the Jennerit turned their weapons against them. Alani fought back, but not before she was witness to her own order’s destruction.

As a warrior from a planet with vast seas, Alani’s attacks and abilities revolve around her power to control water to dish out pain, or heal her fellow Battleborn. Read about each of her attacks and abilities below and watch them in action in the video above. 


TORRENT: Through years of training in Ket, her order’s martial art, Alani has honed her ability to control water, hurling water bolts to damage enemies.

WELLSPRING: Channeling her focus and strength, Alani heals herself for a small amount or envelopes an ally in water to heal them.

RIPTIDE: Alani sends forth a wave of water that deals damage to enemies, pushes them away, and leaves a trail hastening allies’ movement speed.

GEYSER: Calling upon the power of the oceans, a groundswell erupts, knocking enemies into the air, damaging and binding them.

EMERGENCE: Alani summons a water dragon that deals damage to everything caught in its wake.

(Passive) OSMOSIS: Alani’s healing abilities swell and recede like the tide. Successfully landing hits with Torrent grants up to three stacks to temporarily increase the healing power of Wellspring.

Check out all of Alani’s awesome abilities and helix augmentations in action in her official Let’s Play video below. 



Hailing from the water world of Akopos, and pals with Alani, Pendles is a cold-blooded killer. No, literally. This anthropomorphized reptile will ssssneak up on you, poison you, perforate you with dual kamas then – poof – disappear without leaving a trace. Oh, yeah, and he wears a dope pair of sneakers.  Get it? “Ssssneaky”?!? Wears sneakers?!? (Fine…fine.) This Rogue’s rogue may be a cold-blooded assassin-for-hire, but Ghalt felt was safer to have him on the team, than not.


Pendles will be coming in the next couple months as the 27th Battleborn and will be free for everyone with 47,500 credits earned in-game. He can also be unlocked instantly using a (1) hero key, which are included in the season pass, saving you the time it takes to earn the credits to otherwise unlock him. We’ll have more info on Pendles, including his abilities and release date as, we get closer to his release. 

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