LLC Attacker

Counted among the LLC's greatest engineers, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV utilizes powerful technology to move swiftly about the battlefield, and an array of five telekinetically-suspended swords to annihilate her foes.


Five Virtues

Phoebe's primary attack chains multiple melee-range sabre strikes, while her secondary attack launches her in a direction, dodging incoming attacks.


Phoebe's high-tech formal wear and telekinetic sabres can be augmented to substantially increase her survivability and lethality.


After a brief charging period, Phoebe teleports to a target location.

Blade Rush

Phoebe launches a barrage of four charged rapiers, each dealing 52-70 damage. 

Blade Cascade

Conjures a storm of falling rapiers dealing 505-730 damage over time to a large area.

True Strike

Phoebe swipes at enemies and activates her high-tech formal wear to propel herself in any direction.

Aggressive Advance

Exiting Phasegate grants increased movement speed for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 4 Seconds


Phasegate creates an electric storm at Phoebe's destination, damaging nearby enemies. +160 Damage

Shield Stabilizers

Increases maximum shield strength. +195 Shields

Unintended Innovation

Blade Rush blades explode on contact, damaging nearby enemies. +12% Bonus Damage

Passata Sotto

Landing a hit with True Strike increases Phoebe's defense for a short time. +30% Damage Reduction for 3 Seconds

Phasegate v2

Reduces Phasegate's cooldown time. +20% Cooldown Reduction

Efficient Resonator

Increases shield recharge rate. +105 Shield per Second

Scientific Method

Substantially increases Phasegate's casting range.

The Conduit

Adds a portion of Phoebe's current shield strength to Blade Rush as bonus damage. +12% Current Shield as Damage

Calamitous Cascade

Enemies struck by Blade Cascade suffer increased damage from all sources for a short time. +16% Damage Amplification


Enemies hit by Blade Rush will be stunned by the last strike of Phoebe's primary melee combo. +2 Seconds Stun Duration

Phase Distortion

Phasegate creates a field at Phoebe's target destination that slows nearby enemies. +6 Seconds Slow Duration

Sharpened Blades

Phoebe's primary melee attacks deal increased damage. +18% Weapon Damage


When Blade Rush hits an enemy, the skill's cooldown is reduced. Increased effect on enemy Battleborn. Battleborn: 1.5 Seconds Per Hit, Minions: 1 Seconds Per Hit


Phoebe attacks a second time after landing a hit with True Strike.

Disruptor Blades

A portion of Blade Rush's damage bypasses enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration


Increases Phoebe's primary melee attack speed. +20% Increased Attack Speed

Phase Stability

Increases the effect of all buffs imparted by Phasegate.

Refined Technique

Increases damage of Blade Rush's rapiers the further they travel. +30% Damage Increase


Increases Blade Cascade's area of effect. Moving through the area grants a temporary boost in movement speed. +30% Increased Move Speed
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