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Following his dismissal as director of Minion Robotics, the cantankerous Kleese now serves as Nova's chief science officer and mad-scientist-in-residence. Abhors away missions but relishes opportunities to test his tech, such as his "Battle Throne".


Energy Rift

Kleese opens up an Energy Rift that restores friendly Shields and deals damage to enemies.

Energy Mortar

Kleese shoots a barrage of Mortars at an area. Mortars damage enemies and deal bonus damage to Shields.

Black Hole

Kleese summons a Black Hole that pulls in enemies towards it dealing damage.

Tactical Battle Chair

Kleese rolls into battle in the most deluxe of all battle furniture. It increases Kleese’s maximum Shield capacity per level and can be used to extend jumps.

Wrist Cannon and Shock Taser

Kleese fires energy blasts from his Wrist Cannon. He also fires a powerful Shock Taser from his chair, dealing bonus damage to Shields.

Battlefield Tactician

Kleese controls the battlefield through a variety of electrical based Shield attacks, stripping away his enemies’ Shields and Buffing his teammates’ Shields.

Shocking Twist

Mortars will heal friendly target’s shields.

Shiftless Shells

Energy Mortars will slow enemy targets they hit.

Chair Slam

Using Kleese’s Shock Taser in the air will cause Kleese’s Battle Chair to slam into the ground, depleting his chair energy and dealing damage to all enemies around him.

Rift Network

Energy Rifts will now link to each other when near each other. Their output will be increased times the number of rifts in the network.

Don’t Call It a Heal Chair

Kleese’s Tactical Battle Chair can heal nearby players every second.

Bulk Savings

Kleese can have additional Energy Rifts alive in the world at the same time.

Geezer Pleaser

Killing an enemy with Energy Mortars instantly recharges Kleese’s shield.

Brains Before Brawn

Kleese’s maximum shield strength is increased.

Healthy Rift

Increases the max health of each Energy Rift.

Sharing Is Caring

Black Hole gives every friendly team member in range an overshield when it implodes.

Shocking Pulse

Energy Rift will shock nearby enemies dealing bonus shield damage.

Overloaded Mortars

Firing Energy Mortars will deplete Kleese’s shield and add it to their damage.

Don’t Tase Me Bro

Shock Taser now arcs to additional targets.

Unstable Rifts

Using Kleese’s Energy Mortars or Wrist Cannon attacks on an Energy Rift will now feed energy into the rift causing it to become unstable. Unstable rifts explode after a short time damaging nearby enemies.

Get Ready For a Surprise

Whenever Kleese dies, his Tactical Battle Chair explodes.

Expanded Mortar Capacity

Kleese can now fire additional Energy Mortars.

Tampered Mortars

Energy Mortars now all fire at the same time, blanketing an area.

Brawn Before Brains

Kleese’s Shock Taser deals increased damage.

Quick Pulse

Increases the pulse speed of Energy Rift.

Square Root of Pain

Black Hole causes all friendly Energy Rifts in range to become an Unstable Rift and explode.
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