Kid Ultra

LLC Supporter

Kid Ultra is the pinnacle of LLC support technology. Programmed with all sorts of gadgets to assist or subdue a target as he sees fit, and to support his team by healing and buffing allies with support drones and locking down enemies with crowd control.


Aura of Justice

Participating in kills boosts nearby allies’ damage for major and minor enemies.

Rocket Gauntlet

Kid Ultra’s right gauntlet houses quick-fire rockets which detonate on impact.

Rocket Vortex

Fire rockets in a tight spiral.

Support Drone

Deploy a drone that follows a target ally, increasing their maximum health and granting additional health per second.

Bola Snare

Fire bolas that pass through units, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them.

To The Rescue

Enter hover mode for increased mobility. Activate again to transform back, restoring health to yourself and nearby allies and pushing back nearby enemies.

Signal in the Sky

Reduces the cooldown of Support Drones.

Shield Coil Module

If a Support Drone connects to a target immediately when spawned, the target’s shield will instant begin to recharge.

Missile Massacre

Increases the number of rockets that can be fired from the Rocket Gauntlet before reloading.

Reassembling Drones

Hitting enemies with Bola Snare reduces the current cooldown on Support Drone.

Hero in Training

Increases the duration of the effects of Aura of Justice.

Danger Drone

Support Drones amplify the damage of affected allies in addition to other benefits.

Smart Rockets

Increases Rocket Gauntlet and Rocket Vortex base damage.


Support Drones grant an addition burst of healing to all nearby allies when spawned.

Frag Astra

Bola Snare explodes on each impact with an enemy, dealing damage and slowing all enemies in the blast radius.

Stick With Me

While To The Rescue is active, nearby allies are gradually healed.

Pain Compliance

Enemies damaged with Bola Snare take additional damage over time.

Vigilance Protocol

Support Drones no longer follow allies, instead remaining in place and healing all allies within an expanded area of effect for several seconds.

Retro Rockets

Firing a full, 3-rocket Rocket Vortex propels Kid Ultra backwards. Can be used once every 2 seconds.

Bank Shot

Bola Snare bounces off of environment surfaces and toward a nearby enemy up to 3 times.

Swarming Nanites

The minor effect of Aura of Justice now heals nearby allies instead of improving damage.

Reactive Capacitor

When the Bola Snare damages an enemy’s shield, Kid Ultra’s shield recharges by a portion of the damage dealt.

Turbo Mode

Increases movement speed whenever shielded or overshielded.

Support Network

Increases the number of Support Drones that can be simultaneously active.

Tranq Shot

Enemies affected by Bola Snare are stunned, rather than slowed.

Explosive Entrance

To The Rescue damages enemies in addition to healing allies.
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