Peacekeepers Defender

Some might call him a well-aged boy scout, but Ernest’s sense of honor and duty brings a new means of support and defense previously absent from the Peacekeepers – this is no small part thanks to his grenade launcher. The various explosive charges help Ernest lean on the offensive or provide a mean line of defense for his team.


Direct Hit

Grenades that directly hit an enemy deal additional damage.

UPR-G73 Grenade Launcher

Ernest’s trademark UPR Grenade Launcher launches explosive canisters that detonate on impact with an enemy, or after a short delay.


Ernest’s Detonator can be used to detonate deployed Explosive Charges or switch between Power Egg modes.

Power Egg

Deploys a beacon that imparts bonuses to allies in range. Attack Mode boosts attack speed, while Defense mode reduces damage taken.

Explosive Charge

Heave an explosive charge that sticks to the world and enemies. Detonates upon activation of Ernest’s Detonator, dealing damage to enemies in range.

Mine Grid

Deploys a grid of mines that explode on contact with an enemy, each dealing damage.


While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants a movement speed boost to allies in range.


While in Defense Mode, Power Egg slows enemies in range.

Drum Mag

Increases Grenade Launcher magazine size.

Chain Reaction

Detonating an Explosive Charge will also detonate any other deployed Explosive Charges in range.


Enemies damaged by Direct Hit are wounded for a brief time.

Reinforced Shell

Increases Power Egg’s health.

Rapid Launcher

Increases Grenade Launcher attack speed.

Over Easy

Adds a defensive shield to Power Egg’s Defense and Attack Mode.

Bombastic Blast

Increases Explosive Charge’s blast radius.


Enemies damaged by Mine Grid mines are slowed for a brief time.

Concussive Charge

Explosive Charges push enemies and Ernest away from the blast when detonated.

The Most Important Meal

While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants an attack damage boost to allies in range.

Trigger Delay

Direct Hit will now trigger when impacting enemies after a single bounce on the ground.

Bonus Boom

Increases the maximum number of Explosive Charges that can be active on the battlefield at once.

Expedited Explosives

Direct Hit reduces Explosive Charge’s cooldown.

Proximity Alarm

Deployed Explosive Charges reveal nearby enemies, and automatically detonate if the target remains within range.

Greased Canisters

Increases Grenade Launcher reload speed.


Increases the damage reduction boost imparted by Power Egg’s Defense Mode.

Shrapnel Burst

Increases damage dealt by Explosive Charge.

Watch Your Step

Each Mine Grid mine that damages an enemy increases the damage dealt by subsequent mine explosions.
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