El Dragón

LLC Attacker

Francesco Drake ruled the LLC's professional wrestling circuit as El Dragón until his last match, when the renegade magnus ISIC claimed his title... and his arms. Fit with cybernetic replacements, El Dragón now fights for the Battleborn, patiently awaiting a rematch against his greatest foe.



El Dragón charges forward with his arms outstretched, dealing damage to enemies. En Fuego: A powerful leap dealing massive damage.

Dragon Splash

El Dragón leaps into the air and falls back down, dealing damage to nearby enemies. En Fuego: Stuns all enemies damaged.

En Fuego

El Dragón explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. For a period of time El Dragon’s attacks and skills take on additional properties.

Undisputed Champ

Each enemy killed grants a stack that boosts El Dragón’s melee damage. A percentage of stacks are lost on death.

M-RBX Cybernetic Arms

El Dragón’s primary melee combo is a flurry of blows, while his secondary is a powerful Clap. Activating his off-hand melee while sprinting executes a Dropkick.

CWF Championship Belt

The symbol of El Dragón’s faded glory in the ring provided a synergistic effect with the champ’s abilities, increasing his effectiveness in battle.

The Stunner

Enemies hit by Clothesline are slowed.

Splash Damage

Dragon Splash leaves behind an electrical field that deals damage over time to nearby enemies.

Deafening Applause

El Dragón’s Clap attack is accompanied by a powerful shockwave dealing area of effect damage.


While in a Clothesline sprint, hitting a wall or cancelling the dash turns El Dragón around, allowing for a second dash.


Each Undisputed Champion stack also reduces damage taken.

Hang Time

Activating Dragon Splash prompts El Dragón’s shields to immediately begin recharging, as well as imparting health regen.

From The Top Rope

Reduces Dragon Splash’s cooldown, allowing more frequent use.

Heart of the Champion

Returns all health damage dealt by El Dragón’s Dropkick attack to his health.

Cut The Line

Each target hit with Clothesline reduces the skill’s cooldown.

Title Fight

Activating En Fuego creates a ring of fire, dealing damage to enemies as they enter or exit.

The Comeback

Enemies hit by Dragon Splash deal reduced damage for a short time.


Each target hit with Dragon Splash increases movement speed and decreases the skill’s cooldown.

Power Fists

Replaces El Dragón’s primary melee combo finisher with a powerful, single-target punch.

Flailing Fists

Deactivating Clothesline mid-sprint stops the dash and executes a ground slam, knocking enemies into the air.


Each Undisputed Champion stack also boosts El Dragón’s movement speed.


Increases Clothesline’s damage.

Big Splash

Increases the size of Dragon Splash’s area of effect.

Attitude Adjustment

Enemies struck by Dropkick suffer increased damage for a short time.


Health Damage dealt by Clothesline is returned to El Dragón as health.


While En Fuego is active, El Dragón’s secondary melee attack fires a massive fireball, dealing damage.
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