Jennerit Supporter

Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called "Sustainment". Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.


Staff of Radiance

Ambra's Staff of Radiance drains health from a targeted enemy, returning a percentage of the damage dealt to herself.

Scorching Strikes

Ambra unleashes a series of melee strikes, spending Heat generated by her staff to do up to 38 extra damage per hit.


Summon a Sunspot that damage to nearby enemies at the cost of its own health, exploding if touched.

Solar Wind

Channel a fiery wind that damage enemies in front of you.

Extinction Event

Calls down a meteor at a targeted location, dealing damage and leaving a scorching area of effect, dealing damage over time.

Flame Shield

When Ambra's health falls, she is protected by a Flame Shield for short time.


Enemies linked to a Sunspot take increased damage from other sources. This effect stacks across Sunspots.

Blessing of the Sun

Sunspots transfer their health to nearby allies, healing friendly Battleborn over time.

Ceremonial Sacrifice

Ambra's Staff of Radiance can be used to transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force.

Radiant Gale

Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly Knocked Back.


Ambra gains increased speed when her Flame Shield is active.

Agile Anomaly

Sunspots can link to stealthed characters and have increased range.

Flame Staff

The extra damage that Ambra's Scorching Strikes does through the expenditure of Heat is gained as Health.

Bask in the Light

Enemies are slowed when they break form a Sunspot's beam.

Howling Wind

Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect.


On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies.


Solar Wind catches enemies on Fire, doing damage over time.

Solar Burst

Sunspots explode with a damaging area of effect when triggered by nearby enemies.

Blood Drive

Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra's Staff of Radiance.

Searing Wind

Solar Wind deals more damage, the closer Ambra is to her target.

Flame Burst

Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes on expiry, damaging nearby enemies.

Solar Storm

Decreases Solar Wind’s cooldown time.

Radiant Spear

Transforms Ambra's staff into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up Heat in a singular, devestating impact.

Fan the Flames

Increases the health of Ambra's Sunspots.

Sweltering Wind

Increases Solar Wind’s damage.

World's End

Extinction Event’s smoldering remains last longer.
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